Monday, December 10, 2012

Clarissa Gtz reviews Erwin Blumenfeld

Meet Erwin Blumenfeld (1897 – 1969)
Erwin Blumenfeld was more of a fashion photographer collaborated for many cover magazines such as vogue. Even though I am not such fun of fashion photography, his use of symmetry and use of repetition has been delightful through out the years. 
In his earilier years, Blummenfeld began his photographer career creating a studio on the back of his luxury leather goods. His capacity to balanced light and shadows in order to give attention to detail has been very enviable. He also was a master on manipulating the camera in order to get optical illusion using reflection and shadow on his favor. You might been wondering why I decided to show about his work. Well his use of repetition and pattern creates a figurative construction structure, or can also be compared with a contemporary glass window. Also, in my opinion he has innovate the use in color back then by balancing his composition, incorporating negative space.


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