Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ana Cantu Reviews Leland Bobbe

The portraits taken by photographer Leland Bobbe are different than the usual drag queen photographs people are used to seeing, that are either a step in the process of becoming the drag queen persona, or the final look of the person. These show the duality of the person of the person in both his “normal” self and the drag self.
The makeup is done very meticulously, and can be better seen with the split makeup down half of the face, which is a perfect divide of it.It also shows the contrast of the person with the full makeup, and the manly side, that in some cases are even unshaved. The pictures show how careful the drag queen are with changing themselves and becoming someone totally different, and also the work they have to do to make themselves look glamourous. For example, there is one particular picture where the man’s skin is uneven and even has some blemishes, but on the womanly side he appears to have beautiful skin.

While most of the pictures taken are glamourous, and some funny to see the difference between the person, there are some that take the other aspect of the drag queen and are over the top theatrical, so much that they look surreal and scary. I found them very interesting because of the comparison one can see in one single picture.

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