Thursday, December 6, 2012

Robert Benson Reviews Lori Nix

Lori Nix is a “non-traditional” photographer. Instead of going out and finding her subjects, she simply, or not so simply in many cases, creates her scenes in front of her camera. This type of photography is more difficult in some cases because not only do you have to worry about lights, you also have to worry about building the structures or scenes you’d like to photograph. Nix makes this look easy in her series titled The City.
Violin Repair Shop, 2011
In Violin Repair Shop, Nix has recreated a shop for violin repairs. As in her other works, there is a degree of disaster in the scene. Things are not neatly put away and there are little piles of wood chips on the floor in various locations. The crisp photograph lets you appreciate every detail. There are no blurry edges and the lighting is adequate for viewing the photograph in it’s entirety.
Anatomy Classroom, 2012
Nix takes what should be an organized, well lit room and turns it on its side in Anatomy Classroom. Instead of an open, encouraging place to learn, she has created a dirty, unwelcoming place in need of some cleaning and photographed it beautifully. The detail that went into this scene is not lost on the camera, Nix has managed to pick up the most minute details, down to the tiny paint splatter on the floor of the classroom.

Lori Nix was born in Kansas, and earned her BFA in photography from Truman State University, Missouri. She earned her MFA from Ohio University. Nix is based in New York and has had many exhibitions across the country. Her dioramas depict many scenes which she photographs and puts on exhibitions.

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