Monday, December 10, 2012

Marie Cisneros - Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera

Check out this site it tells you can to create Infrared Photos using your digital camera like these...

Then you need an infrared filter. You can buy these from any dependable mail-order supplier, like  B&H Photo.
Various filters may differ in the visible light cut-off point (see the table below). The Wratten #89B (available as Hoya R72), with the light transmission falling down to 50% at 720 nanometers, seems to be most popular and gives the greatest chance of success. The darker #87 or #87C may or may not work, depending on the camera, while the almost-IR #70, while allowing for shorter exposure times, does not provide the eerie Woods effect on greens.
You also need a way to attach the filter to your lens. This is easy with SLR and digital-finder models, but digital compacts may pose a problem. With very few (like the Olympus C-5060WZ) you can do it directly, as the lens is threaded; with most others you will need a lens adapter tube, like the 41-43 mm CLA-1 attachment for the Olympus C-5050Z (plus a step-up ring).
A tripod is essential. For the #89B (R72) filter you will be getting exposures of 1-2 seconds or more at F/4 and ISO 100. 

Check out this site for more info...

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