Monday, December 10, 2012

Clarissa gutierrez reviews J.R.


So, do you want to go ilegal? This is the right guy to ask some tips about gigantic wheat pasted murals based on photgraphy. J.R. created a series of portraits focusing in lower class society. He is responsible for these murals on which he paste them on common areas such as stairs, buildings and government areas. He is also well known for a series of very strong portraits displayed in both Palestinians and Israelis cities, of people from the region, placed them face to face from one another in a border fence. This caused controversy since they have been rivals in the past years.  His use of context and creation of space is magnificent. He knows how to get to the public by placing these murals on streets of daily use, making with these the great interaction with viewer by one, as an observant, being part of the space.



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