Sunday, December 9, 2012

Robert Benson Reviews Phillippe Mazaud

New York City born Phillippe Mazaud has been taking large format black and white photographs more than ten years. He is a successful, well rounded artist who has received several accolades for his work. 

Mazaud has perfected black and white printing in his piece titled Logan Garden. The arrangement of the couple, with the woman lying on the blanket and the man sitting, draws the viewers attention to the center of the photograph. The delicate color of her dress just barely stands out against what can be assumed as porcelain skin. In the background, the variance in color in the shrubbery is evident through his print work. What drew me to this photograph was the talent Mazaud exhibits in his black and white photography and printing. He seems to have perfected achieving different shades of grey and that is evident throughout this piece.

In Mazaud’s Wading, he captures a couple lounging on the beach. The couple in the foreground appear to jump out at the viewer thanks to Mazaud’s talent with black and white photography and ensuring the grey scales are accurate. He accurately captures the shaded area the couple is in against he bright background of the area behind it. The mountains in the distance give the photograph depth and the sharp contrast of the branches in the water give the photograph texture. This photograph is interesting to me because Mazaud brings the viewer’s interest throughout the photo, not just in the foreground on the couple. He draws the viewer’s eye to the man in the water and mountains in the distance as well.

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