Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ana Cantu Revies Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt

The pictures taken by Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt are its first of its kind, for its combination of whale sharks and fashion. They say the reason for this photos was that they had wanted to bring attention the endangered species of the whale sharks by incorporating the element of fashion. What makes it unique is that the models are really next to the animals, and are not digitally incorporated, supposedly.
The pictures as very clear and easy to read of what is happening in them. The lightning is great, it is one of the better parts of the photos. The difficulty of achieving a good lightning underwater, especially ocean water since if is too deep or the weather is not calm, it turns muddy.
Also, the difficulty of pairing the models and the whale sharks at the right moment , even dangerous if they did not do it carefully for even though they are gentle, they can still weigh as much as 20 tons. 
The pictures are very well taken, and have accomplished what they were trying to achieve in raising awareness for the animals. The mixture of wilderness photography and fashion photography works well in this instance, since it is very well tough out. Had it not been carefully planned it could've turned disastrous not only for the models as discussed, but also for the whale sharks, since they are wild animals one has to be very careful how you approach them.

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