Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chad Davis reviews Ben Goossen

Ben Goossen is a retired Belgium artist, who worked as an art director for an advertising company for 35 years before doing personal artwork and shows.  Information on him is scarce, so the focus will be on the images themselves.  After retiring from advertising he knew a great deal of the commerical aspect of photoshop and illustration so to him it was a natural transfer to making surreal artwork and photo composites.  His work is very reminiscient of a fellow belgium native Rene Magritte, who Ben takes great inspiration from for his ideas and surrealistic interpretations. 

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It is quite obvious as to the influence he recieves by duplicating some of the symbolism that Magritte used during his lifetime of painting, the bowler hat, genitals on clothing, and illusions of a painting canvas are some examples.  Although, he copies some elements from Magritte he makes them as his own along with many of his original thoughts and elements mixed in. 

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