Sunday, December 9, 2012

Robert Benson Reviews Didier Massard

Didier Massard earned a French Baccalaureate in Art and Archeology in 1975 from the University of Paris and since 1987 has been developing a series of tabletop photographs in his studio. He is an accomplished photographers with both solo and group exhibitions all over the world. 

In his photograph titled La Tour de Babel 2012, Massard uses his talents to showcase a building that seems to simuntaneously be sinking into the ground and collapsing on itself at the same time. The contrast between the shadowy building and bright skyline make the photograph feel as if it’s busting off the page. The remnants of a moat around the building enhances the photograph’s feeling of days past.
                                               La Tour de Babel 2012
Massard’s Le Jardin Obscur showcases his talent with the soft angles from the algae coupled with the elegant seahorses. His innate ability to capture one’s attention and use it to enhance the photograph make these algae appear to move. Coupled with the bubbles going up the screen, an illusion is created, giving the photograph depth and character. 

                                          Le Jardin Obscur 2005
In La Meduse, Massard flaunts his talent for showing vibrant colors in an otherwise gloomy background. The brightly colored corral pop against the background bring captivate the viewer and draw attention to the details in the reef. What draws me to Massard are his vibrant, yet gloomy photographs and his attention to detail.

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