Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ana Cantu reviews Mariel Clayton

The photographs taken by Mariel Clayton are all of Barbie dolls in poses that go from classical to the funny macabre. She calls herself the “doll photographer with a subversive sense of humor”, which is very much accurate. Her sense of humor is something that people can understand somewhat, well perhaps not understand, but make a connection since Barbie has become a pop icon for a lot of people, including boys. 
The poses she has given the dolls are mostly very funny, because they are Barbie dolls, for if they where real live models then reaction of the audience would be more of shock and indignation. It is also sort of the peek behind of the lives of Barbie and Ken, and how she can do “anything”, and she pretty much does which it comes to sexual scenes and even murder.

Apart the photographs’ funny subject, the pictures are pretty well taken. Anyone can get some Barbie dolls and arrange them in whatever poses they want, but she did a a good job in posing them in such a manner that one cannot see how is it that they are standing up and keeping the poses. Also, the lighting is great. Usually when one is so near a subject, especially a small one the shadow of the camera can be seen upon the subject, in this case it does not. Even to make them more interesting the angles they are shot make them more interesting, and in some give it a voyeuristic take.

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