Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Melissa Tristan- Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon was born in 1940 in England.  Her work consists of drawing, lithography, to photography.  She started off as a model who then went into fashion photography.  Her photography work was mainly done in the darkroom where she masters in technique within her photographs.  Moon's style in fashion photographs were dreamy and fantasy like to where she provokes them in a deep emotional way.  Her models sometimes may not always be recognizable with such movement and texture with the softness of the scene.

Such photographs seem more gothic with darkness in the haunting creations of a fantasy. One being the the second photographed displayed above. It shows great structure of a beautiful figure of a female with the internal x-ray aspect of a sort of mannequin view.  This seems to how how perfection is never what it seems. Although Moon created this in such a settled way as opposed to a very dark haunted feel of some others she has done before.

Sarah Moon also has done fashion photography with famous french brands, which includes Chanel, Dior, and many others.  Some argued that she is not a contemporary artist because most of her work are too pretty.  In my opinion Sarah Moon has a way of creating beauty in many ways by putting a romantic feel along with the a sort of pain that lies beneath the surface of the images itself that mourn the decline for beauty in photography for beauty's sake. Her photography lies between many genres which she is undefined which this is what makes her such a successful photographer.

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