Sunday, December 9, 2012

Robert Benson Reviews Henrik Knudsen

Henrik Knudsen is a Danish photographer who has residences in both New York and London. He graduated from photography college in Denmark after spending 2 years studying computer science and math. He has several awards for his photography and has had exhibitions all over the world. He’s been commissioned for Nokia, The History Channel and Volkswagon and many others. While his commissioned work is remarkable, his personal work is what stuck out for me.
In his Iceland series, Knudsen utilizes both natural and artificial light to achieve photographs that have both artistic and emotional attributes. In this untitled photograph, Knudsen captures a lone man sitting at a restaurant table. The soft lighting lends a romantic feel, but the deameanor of the subject makes the image take a more subdued turn. By having the subject put his head on the table, the photo takes a more depressed turn. 
                                         Copyright Henrik Knudsen

In Knudsen’s On Location series, he photographs a series of famous movie locations including: Blade Runner, The Third Man, Clerks, and Independence Day. Each photograph is from where a well known movie was shot. Knudsen uses natural and artificial light to enhance each photograph. In this unnamed photograph, Knudsen enhances the photograph by focusing on the man in the rearview mirror and blurring the background. I think the most appealing aspect of the photograph is how you can see that the vehicle is moving by blurring the passing cars. The crisp image of the driver in the mirror is also appealing.

                                             Copyright Henrik Knudsen

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