Monday, December 10, 2012

Chad Davis Reviews George Christakis

Crete born artist George Christakis is a 24 year old fairly traditional landscape photographer in a sense that his composition and setup for the landscapes are meant to support his conceptual idea.  That being said the concept behind his series seem to be a little abstracted and in a minimalist style.  The collection I will be focusing on is primarily in black and white, and his decision for that is to help create a "loneliness" for the viewer.  The minimalist aspect comes from the content within the landscape to assist in that loneliness emotion.  A floating umbrella, silhouttes and gravity defying pianos are his signature style for this particular selection.


To be described as a surreal photographer today is in my opinion a misconception for George, the reason being is that although he does have some elements deemed surreal, such as dreamscape and symbolic objects, they do not fit the current model of photomontage surreal that has become popular in recent years.  His work would be better defined as experimental as he searches for a personal style somewhere between fine art photography and surrealism. 

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