Tuesday, December 11, 2012

David Finell reviews Paolo Ventura

            Paolo Ventura is a contemporary fine art photographer who photographs dioramas constructed to appear as events from times past.  He was born in 1968 in Italy and studied at the Accademia di Bella Arti di Brera in Milan.  He has since moved to the United States and lives and works in New York.  

             Paolo Ventura's methodology to his work is he envisions a scene he would have liked to photograph but the situations could not be found today.  As a result he creates elaborate dioramas and photographs them in styles appropriate for the timeframe of the setting. One of his most celebrated works, War Souvenir, was released in 2006.  Most of his images stem from wartime life in the past.  He has covered the great world wars, and the civil war.  While many of his images show soldiers and uniformed persons, there are plenty that just show images of what he envisions life being like during those days.  All of his images are outstanding at evoking emotions of a very broad spectrum.  His image of a person who has committed suicide compels the audience to ask the questions why, was it worth it, could the problems eventually be resolved, etc.  Other images of a couple kissing bring forth feelings of the excitement and gift of love.  Paolo is extraordinarily gifted at using his art to evoke emotions and critical thought in his audience.  His work has inspired some of my own.  I really enjoy creating and shooting scenes from my imagination.

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