Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marie Cisneros - Andy Bloxham

Andy Bloxham is one of my favorite photographers.  To Bloxham, photography is his driving force. He creates scenes in which he is almost always apart of.  Bloxham also enjoys writing, acting, film, computers.  All of these media reflect back into the work he creates.   It seems that Andy Bloxham has a desire to tell stories and entertain especially in his series, Fictions.  

 If he is not making an image,  he is writing a story to express his creativity. When Bloxham describes the creative process, he said. “And when I sit down to edit, my screen draws me in to a zone where daylight and nighttime become simple casualties to the greater importance of perfection.”

Andy Bloxham is an assistant professor of photography at West Virginia Wesleyan College. There, he is working on creating a new photography concentration for students’ BA degree.  He is introducing a varied collection of course offering and has  previously taught a wide assortment of photography topics at both Cecil College and Louisiana Tech University. He seems to like photography courses that also put a small focus on video production and sometimes even a hint of creative writing and performance.

  He created a course called "Fictional Photography,". It's an odd hybrid course on storytelling for the still image.  These are my favorites of his series, he creates a photo that creates or leads you to a whole story that is going on in just one photo.  In the summers, he is an instructor at the Maine Media Workshops.  When asked why he changes his teaching location in the summers, he said “It's a great place to unwind by exhausting myself and the students in nonstop photography every day. "When asked to describe his own work, Bloxham said ,“Often my stories end up as photographs, but every so often, a story is written for the intent of being read.”

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