Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chad Davis reviews Miss Aniela

Born Natalie Dybisz, she goes by the name Miss Aniela in the art world.  Born in Leeds in 1986 she has quickly become a very prominent artist in both fine art and commerical photography.  I will be focusing on a particular collection of her's that is fairly recent she titles "Surreal Fashion".  This selection is one that mixes both the conceptual ideas of fine art and the composition, color, and beauty of semi-traditional fashion photography.  With this collection it seems as if she is attempting to create a body of work that is relative to the world of fine art where most fashion photography is primarily considered for advertisements and commercial use.

With this collection she provides a different perspective of surreal artwork.  A genre where most of the work is dark, haunting and strange, Natalie wishes to make surrealism with her work form to the images of the models and the fashion without entering the realm of bizarre.  When looking through the collection, it is quite obvious that she does not wish to use the fashion of today but rather victorian style dresses, wigs, and environments so that the fine art aspect of the body of work stays intact without being lost among "fancy advertisements" for modern day consumers.

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