Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Becky Ramotowski by Fabiola B.

Becky Ramotowski

 Becky is an amateur astronomer and she is exploring the sun in very unique way. Another passion is pinhole photography, and when she discovered a way to combine astronomy with making pinhole images of the sun’s path, she founded the perfect match.

 Her first long exposure pinhole solographs were taken when she couldn’t stand the suspense of not knowing what was happening inside the homemade cameras she has made. After seeing her first solographs it turns out successfully. That gave her the confidence to let the exposures run for sox months to capture the Sun’s path from summer to winter solstice.

 It took her a little luck and a lot of patience to wait, but the final result always surprises her. She loves it because she never knows what she is going to get because the weather plays a big factor. 

 The hardest part for her when she took a solargraph photo was to leave the pinhole camera in a public place to exposure it for nine days. She was worried for a snowplow running over, or snow getting into the pinhole camera. Since then she love making more winter and summer solargraphs. 

 I really love the way in how she has patience to wait for making and having a photo.


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