Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scott Stillman by Fabiola B.

Scott Stillman

Since the first time he got a photo with his pinhole camera he got amazed with the unique quality of it. He was looking for a way to express himself in a simpler more tactile way. He was fascinated with the process of making a decent photograph by placing a hole in front of a piece of film or photo paper. For him pinhole was a way to gain a deeper understanding of the basics of photography.

His most favorite image concept is the combination of static and random elements. The combination of elements makes shooting pinhole photography an intellectual exercise of trying to image something that can’t be seen in real time. He likes that part a lot.

Pinhole photography is important to him because it pushed me to go beyond previous boundaries and explore subjects in a way that he would not have done otherwise. He has lots of fun with it too. For him digital photo is where anyone can press a button and take photographs. 

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