Sunday, August 11, 2013

Melissa Tristan 10

Imbre Becsi

Becsi is a pinhole photographer who finds inspiration all over.  His color pinhole prints are interesting in different ways. Some are a bit cliché but still really appreciated with the process in the results at the end.  Some he tends to use filters because he does not want his viewers to see what he is capturing at that very moment but what he would want to see.  Some of his photographs tend to give off a narrative or incident that occurred.  They are simplistic and very settle but the movement of the figures where they are unknown is powering to the imagery.This one that is focused on the little girl has a great impact with just the way she is positioned alone.  It shows innocence and vulnerability that makes it very powerful to me.

The ones that have figures, in my opinion are more successful for that very reason.  Although in some of his landscapes he does very well with composition and how he would like to portray them.

This one is very settle and energetic with the lighting around the trees. I enjoy the scenery and how the color is unrealistic yet a possible relation to the time of year or how the weather is on that very moment.

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