Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scott Speck by Fabiola B

Scott Speck

For Scott photography has been his primary art medium. He enjoys working with pinhole cameras. His argument is that a pinhole camera has no lens, and that pinhole photography is a type is lenses photography. He loves the way light entering simply through a small circular hole, to the film, to create the exposure. His pinhole photography has been film based, on either medium or large format. The cameras he use include, zero image camera, and handmade camera. His cameras have very wide field of view. 

 He enjoys taking pictures with his pinhole cameras because they have infinite depth of field. In which nearby objects appear much larger, relative to more distant objects.

 He loses the ability to limit depth of field and exposure times are very long with a pinhole camera. When he shoots outdoors in bright sunshine, exposures are one second, and for interiors like churches, exposures need from thirty to sixty minutes. Longer exposures need the use of a tripod.

 His main subjects of interest are architectures, landscapes, and portraits. He enjoys giving visual presentations on pinhole photography. 



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