Sunday, August 11, 2013

Melissa Tristan 7

Graham Grafx

Graham Grafx is a social media artist and one that I had came upon that was quite interesting and well thought was "Digital Painting: Social Network".  What he did was visited his facebook friends in person documenting the trips.  He also took their pulse and created a digital painting that corresponds to their pulses. An addition to that he took a souvenir placing them onto their own shelves all together on the gallery wall.
 social media art

Considering what I am doing for a project, this was a great way to really get to know your "friends" on facebook and being able to say you do know them in person.  Taking a souvenir from each person seems as if part of their presence is there to connect with their pulse. The painting caught me a bit off guard at first on how it could relate to the objects but after reading his concept it makes a lot more sense.  On a better note, his idea was well thought and much effort to make this a success.

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