Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nancy Breslin by Fabiola B.

Nancy Breslin

She started with pinhole without a plan. One day she put the camera on the table and really loved the resulting images. The Zero 2000 camera, plus a mini tripod and light meter have been in her bag ever since.

For her the long exposures provide much of the dreaminess. The simplicity allows her to be working at social events, dinner parties, etc.

She shoots with the Zero Image 200 and Tmax 400 film. She processes it herself. Then she scans the negatives. In her home darkroom she can print up to 11x14. With her Diana camera she prefers to use Kodak VC 400 film.

Once she discovered pinhole photography she really embraced it. She loves the surprise that comes each time she processes a roll. The details in the negatives that she did not noticed at the time, and the way the long exposure transforms her experience into something new. 


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