Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Estrada_Chris Keeney

Chris Keeney

Chris Keeney is photographer based in San Diego, California. He shoots a variety of styles including pinhole. Through his gallery of pinhole, I have noticed he enjoys taking photos with multiple cameras he constructs. The top image I selected is a favorite because I really enjoyed taking pictures with paper negatives and this paper negative of his has lots of transparency as well as abstraction. It is understandable yet disassociated with normality. The camera was created using a Lavazza coffee can. 
The image in the middle was intriguing to observe because of the light being dispersed overlaps and creates multiple shades. The objects within the photo are interesting because of their foreignity and sharp corners. The image looks crisp and holds strong structure. 
The last of the images selected is a full body turned shadow close-up. Having an exposure long enough to allow movement has definitely helped Keeney out.
Elayne Estrada

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