Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sean Duggan by Fabiola B.

Sean Duggan

He started with pinhole using one of his Holga’s cameras. The he bought a Zerolmage mufti-format camera and that has been his camera ever since. He is drawn into images that have some narrative quality. He also appreciates the use of symbols and metaphor in photographs.

The main thing about pinhole is that it is an entirely different photograph from using a digital camera. The only thing you can control is to point and how long you expose. It is more basic and simple.

Depth of field is another reason why he loves his pinholes photos. Pinhole cameras are well suited for capturing images that speak to such intangibles as memory, dreams, and emotion. He also likes the Blur on the images because it’s an intriguing element in these photographs.

His pinhole images are traditional film photograph and digital darkroom technique. Once he developed the images he scanned them and ten interpretive processing is done in Photoshop.

When making pinhole photos he feels more in Couch with the early pioneers of photography. He also likes the slow pace and the more meditative quality of making images with a pinhole camera. 

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