Sunday, August 11, 2013

Melissa Tristan 5

Keith Dotson

Keith Dotson's Wooded Path photograph is interesting to me because he was able to create an image that seems to be done already or at least similar with beauty that makes it different and more unique. This image of the path and all the trees surrounding it gives it a hollow and spooky feel to it.  By using pinhole, he was able to get a slight blur texture to the photograph which is very appropriate to go with the feel I was able to get from it. 

He made a wise choice in its perspective on how it curves as it goes further into the scene as oppose a straight path would make it boring and plain.  I get it seems like it is a glimpse of a memory from this spot in the middle of nowhere that leads to somewhere, and that somewhere of not knowing gives a mystery to it which makes this photograph much more interesting to look at.

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