Sunday, August 11, 2013

Melissa Tristan 6

Paul Debois

Paul Debois created a series called Pinhole Impressions using a pinhole camera.  I find it exciting how something as simple as trees can be captured looking very unique and nothing like what we see on a daily basis.  He was able to capture the effects trees have when wind is involved within a season of the year.

Pinhole Impressions 4, Acer Henryi at RHS Wisley Pinhole Impressions 6 - Fagus Sylvatica Pendula or Weeping Beech at RHS Wisley

Using pinhole he was able to get a certain look to his images that helps his concept, especially with the sky.  The most that fascinates me is the movement in each image.  It creates life within them as each tree stands tall and still with such pride in nature.  I can see how the effects he wanted was a success in the images he has for the series.  It is soothing with dignity of meaning.
Pinhole Impressions 3 Lime tree or Tilia Tomentosa at RHS Wisley Pinhole Impressions 5, Poplar at RHS Wisley

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