Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Steve Goslin by Fabiola B.

Steve Goslin

 He started pinhole just for fun and experimentation to see what could happen by taking a landscape photo. He was motivated by exploring a new technique and also to challenge himself.

He saw a review of the Zero Image pinhole camera in a magazine and he was inspired by the images in the gallery section on their site. So he bought a camera and he hasn’t lock head back since.

Once he started he was hooked. He used them to make landscapes photographs. He is very attracted to locations where he can contrast static elements with movement of clouds or water in the photograph.

Pinhole forces him to slow down and think much more about the subject and he found this really suits his style of working.

He likes when people become ghost, and objects and clouds transform into weird shapes unseen by the eye at the time of taking the shot.

He uses Ilford b&w film and get them processed and contact printed. Then he selects the negatives and processes them in Photoshop.

His experiences with a pinhole camera have confirmed him that communicating mood and emotion are his prime motivators for making landscape photographs.


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