Sunday, August 11, 2013

Melissa Tristan 8

Article by Anthea Quay

Parisian Artist, who is unknown created a stop motion animation of several images while creating a street art form about social media.  He realizes how society has been more about social medias such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and many more.  So he decided to create a piece about it by painting sayings that would "mock" these social medias and our society of taking advantage of them.  Something like this of a video someone is painting in a fast pace is not eye catching but the concept of it if what makes it worth watching because it is true.  The way he chose to do this is as simple as it gets just by using words and straight to the point is impacted enough for me to be interested in watching it. I do wish there was more to it but the simplistic works well.  I think if it would be complex it would not be as much impacted as it is as is.

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