Monday, August 12, 2013

Estrada_Kieth Carter

Professor at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, Keith Carter, focuses most of his work using a dreamy soft focus around the edges. Two projects of his I found most interesting were the Imagining Paradise and Twenty-Five Years. Carter explores the oddities, which occur in his own natural ocular vision. The work follows a medical issue he was exposed to and the subsequent treatment he underwent. The flat and two-dimensional aspect of his photos he states is similar to looking at a medieval painting. 
Having read his statement and observing his photos really intrigues my perception on capturing new works of art that tells a story. Twenty-Five Years, is work that has been published into a book that brings together 78 photos chosen by the artist that represents a range and developmental progress of his work since the 1970’s. The work is drawn from inspirational references from pop culture, religion, folklore, and even the own artist East Texas roots.  

Elayne Estrada

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