Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Estrada_Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin

 She left her first career as an academic psychiatrist in 1997 to pursue a fine arts degree. Her work mainly consist of black and white images shot with pinhole and plastic cameras. Pinhole Meals and Amenities  are the galleries I chose to elaborate on. Perhaps drawn to these photos because I love a great meal and traveling.  Her concept to capture and separate the still life and motion in an everyday setting with everyday people in her Pinhole Meals really makes the photo more intimate. Clean sharp lines that help tell a story with objects in front of the faceless motion oriented human figure makes me imagine as if I were conversing with another person ore even myself as the central figure. 

Amenities, on the other hand, tickles my fancy with the concept of having something to photograph wherever you are at. It opens the viewer mind to think of how anything can be done it just all depends on the angels you want to achieve. Having traveled and stayed in many hotels, this gallery of her work is a little more personal to me.

Elayne Estrada

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