Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stanislav Sedlák by Fabiola B.

Stanislav  Sedlák

He develops his film in his friend bathroom. He was amazed by the remarkable results that can be achieved by such technique and he tried to build his own camera dorm a coffe tin box and loaded it with photo paper.

He read through hundreds and hundreds of pages looking for more information. He was always attracted by the beauty of polished brass and mahogany boxes, but then he realized that it is not that what makes a good picture. A light-tight and a stable box together with an appropriate pinhole is all that he needed. He loves to make his own pinhole cameras. He also experimented with a matchbox pinhole camera, converted 35mm and roll film pinhole cameras but he did not liked them at all. He prefers to use the large format pinhole loaded with photo paper.

What attracts to him by making pinhole photos is the simplicity of the device in contrast with the results that often cannot be achieved by the technically cameras today. He loves the old process that slows him to think about the picture.

Instead of sanding a metal sheet he burns the tiny hole by an electrical spark into thin aluminum foil. He can make lot of pinholes in short time that way.  He also likes to use X-ray film in his cameras. It has a higher sensitivity of film. He does not use anything else. 


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