Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Leslie Bastress by Fabiola B.

 Leslie Bastress

 Leslie photos seemed to be a reflection on how she saw and interpreted the world around her. I enjoy how her images shows like spirits on the earth. They are simple, sincere and honest. 

 She started taking pinhole photos when she saw a friend work. She was amazed by the ghosts on her pictures and also by the aura she founded. She was not looking, but she knew she found something special. She could not believe it was so easy and cheap to make a photo. What inspires her is exploring about ancient history. She has always loved everything about prehistoric art.  

 She works with alternative process too. I think I like more her photos made with cyanotype, than the pinhole ones. I don’t know but I did not find very interesting her pictures. For me they look simple. I think that is why I enjoy more the ones with color.



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