Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Melissa Tristan 13

Sam J. Vinson

Vinson is a photographer who has had experience with pinhole photography.  Lately I have been interested in pinhole photography and nature landscapes.  One of Sam J Vinson's photographs that relates to this called Alternation IV.  He created a collage in a square format with one image.  This shows some sort of symmetrical yet organic with the format and its subject formality.  It interests me because how a pinhole can create a scene of a tree in a distorted way and perspective within each image. The photograph is something new that I hadn't came across when it comes to the idea.  It shows a reflected image of what seems to be a negative combining with the positive of the exact imagery.  This is a great way to compare and contrast the inverted to the other to notice deep details and differences of film.
Vinson_S_Photography_Pinhole Alternation IV

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