Sunday, August 11, 2013

Melissa Tristan 9

Edward Steichen

The Pond Moonrise

Edward Steichen's "The Pond Moonrise" struck me with such beauty in this image.  It was one of my favorites that was at the museum because the landscape of the pond and trees are such a simple idea that a lot of people tend to do but with this he captures right in the middle of the rising and with the glow in the background beyond the trees seems so perfect.  With the reflections of the trees in the pond also give it a hint of "flavor" to the image.  It soothes its way into a realistic scene drawing me into it with grace and loneliness.  The darkness of the photograph relates to the emotion of being alone while the light of the "moonrise" is what makes it graceful to see how such a area of nothing but trees can be kind and delightful.

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