Wednesday, August 7, 2013

David Nordstedt by Fabiola B.

David Nordstedt

He built his first pinhole camera almost four years ago. He created it using cardboard box from a roll of 220 film developed. From then on, he has been hooked. Since then he has bought some other pinhole cameras. He got interested after getting involved with Flickr and seeing others pinhole photos. The images that caught his eye were the ones with a sweeping view and the entire image focus.

He loves the depth of field, extreme wide angle and edges distortions with a shot focal length. Light flares, and a unique perspective. He enjoys images with blurred and dreamy image.

He uses his own custom modified Holga with a Lenox Laser 200 micron stainless steel pinhole aperture. He mostly uses Fuji Acros 100 b&w film. He uses Diafine for his b&w developing. In the color photos he likes to use Kodak Portra 160NC.

He likes the analog aspect of pinhole photography, the unique perspective. The images look a little strange to some viewers at first. He found it interesting. He loves being able to create the “true image” of our world created through the eye of the pinhole.


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