Monday, August 12, 2013

Estrada_David Levinthal

·      Skilled photographer, David Levinthal, uses objects such as shoeboxes, cardboard, and foam to create miniature scenarios that depict the presence of secrecy and intimacy of small spaces. For example, his depiction of shadowy and dark scenes are focused in exploring different emotions in each scenes represented. Scenes represented have consisted of miniature offices, hotel rooms, pool halls, and narrow corridors.
·      “American Beauties,” is a series that entices the imagination. His female figurines are dressed in scandalous silhouettes and positioned on a mound of sand. The dolls are meant to portray child’s play and how a child may have mimicked their mother in a playful way. However, as adults imagine a more erotic scenario. Critic Paulina Ochi, states, “Their poses are taunting, tempting, but at the same time innocent and meditative, as if the women are  unafraid to confront the daunting black frontier.”
Elayne Estrada

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