Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blue Mitchel by Fabiola B.

 Blue Mitchel

His first pinhole camera was made out of the traditional Quaker oats box. He loved the curves and how the images fell off on the edges. He was making paper negatives and found them to be more dynamic than the positive prints. His more successful images were balanced with a small foreground objects and large background environment. He also played with motion and moved objects around to create ghost-like images.

He loves to make abstract photos. His current series are shot with a Holga or TLR on Velmia film. He burns the original positives to create a surreal, mystical environment. Then he transfers them to wood using the Acrylic Lift method.

He uses other camera; it depends on what project he is doing. He has a Holga, several homemade or converted pinholes, 35mm’s, several vintage cameras, yada yada, etc.

That first experience with the Quaker Oats pinhole was partly why he switches his major to photography. He is also impressed by the creativity he see in other pinhole photographers. And he is so glad to be a part of it all. 



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