Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Michal Malkiewicz by Fabiola B.

Michal Malkiewicz

He started three years ago taking pinhole photos for giving up on his digital camera. The easiness of taking photos with a digital camera and the high level of control over the image got him feeling kind of discouraged with the whole idea of digital photography.

He decided to go back with film. Not being able to look at the screen gave him change to think about the idea or subject. The imperfections of film material and the manual camera made the photos look rich and natural. Then he started taking photos with paper with a pinhole camera. His first photos were like a game of chance, but the effects gave him satisfaction.

He likes the spontaneous and unpredictable effect that makes the photo unique and strong. He also likes the softened and grain because they make the photos look very moody. And of course he loves the simplicity in which a pinhole camera can be made.

He uses negative film and photosensitive paper. Also the solography method is taking over his photo interest. Pinhole photography gives him an opportunity to be closer to the whole photographing process. He builds the cameras himself, so it is a part of him. The best part is that he gets unexpected effects because the cameras are made by him. And they can sometimes affect the image which is great.


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