Monday, August 12, 2013

Estrada_Susan kae Grant

Susan kae Grant
Shadow portraits are a collection of images taken by Susan Grant in a way that resembles late 18th century silhouette portraits. The photographer interviews the person and based off their conversation, sets the mood for the photo. Grant creates a suggestive surrounding of shadows from various objects and fabrics. All details have been chosen carefully by Grant in order to evoke each individual’s personality. Her prints are taken using a high-resolution digital back and completed by using digital technologies to manipulate and print the portrait on 100% cotton rag.
Night Dreams is a photographic and sound installation that examines the perceptual and psychological aspects of the dream state. In this series, the artist’s main goal was to inquire on the REM of sleep, dreams, memory and the unconscious because it raised universal questions among the audience and creates an unexplainable experience all humans share. The murals were printed on chiffon fabric and had audio recordings of quiet whispered phrases. 

Elayne Estrada

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