Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nancy Breslin by Fabiola B.

Nancy Breslin is a photographer that specializes in black and white images. She takes photos with a plastic pinhole camera. Most of the time, she takes pictures of parks. Sometimes she also works with alternative photographic processes. The process for taking her pinhole camera shots is the next:

First, she uses a hand-held light meter to get a reading. Then she uses a conversion wheel on the back of the camera to determine the time aperture. Then she will now the time she needs to take the picture. Then she uses a table to compensate for reciprocity failure. 

 Any camera while opening the pinhole can blur the image. So she always places her palm in front of the pinhole during opening and closing, and removes her hand after the camera is still. Also, she never hand-hold it for any exposure, because even one second can result a blurry mess. She always carry a mini-tripod with her, but usually she use a table, counter, mailbox, or whatever flat surface is handy to keep the camera still. 

 She also comments that using color film with long exposures the film will shift to different degrees. That is why she prefers to use black and white film, so she does not need to deal with this issue.

 For outdoors such as the photo on the left, she usually not bother meterinf, but will open the shutter for a second or two if its sunny, and 5-10 seconds if it is overcast. For indoor images such as the right photo, she always meter.

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