Monday, August 12, 2013

Sheridan O'Neal submits Lena Kallberg

Sheridan O'Neal submits Lena Kallberg

Kallberg has been forking as a pinhole photographer for about ten years. Her most recent project with pinhole photography was to use a matchbox camera to capture movement instead of the subject and combine the photos to create a "movie". Instead of creating 12 frames per second as a Super-8 camera, She used the constraints of the matchbox for the project and created more of a slideshow that changes in frame rates creating different rhythms to the movie. She used a black frame with 3:4 aspect approximately 18x24mm frames with 7 rolls of Fuji Provia 400 film (50 frames/roll). The subject of the movies was based on Slussen junction in Stockholm, Sweeden which was about to be demolished.
The results of this movie can be seen here:

here are some examples of her other work that emphasizes motion rather than the subject

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