Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nicolai Morrisson by Fabiola B.

 Nicolai Morrisson

 Nicolas loves pinhole cameras because it feels more like an actual memory, which is fuzzy and rough around the edges. He likes the way it eliminates distractions at every step of the process. Normally when he shoots with pinhole is just him and the box. He does not use meter, tripod, viewfinder, camera controls, it felts very pure. He feels like he is collaborating with his surroundings to make the picture than taking it and then kicking the context out of bed.

 He also comments that there is less to get distracted by in the results. No bokeh, no focus transition, no razor-sharp nothing. He discovered pinhole like a lot people did in school. 

 Most of his 1st shots were self-portraits made in his bathroom where he could set up the camera and leave it pointed at him doing one activity in one place. He wanted to know what these things looked like as a whole, as they might to the sink, or something for which time is on a different scale. 

 His Space-time pinhole work has inspired me to see my own pinhole work in different way. I can see myself in the future traveling through time with my pinhole. Watching the time all blend into each moment.


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