Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Melissa Tristan 11

Carol McGorry

Carol McGorry has his own formula and technique to develop his pinhole photos while being on the road.  I was caught by surprise that this can work because I never would have thought of using what he used.  The liquids he used to develop his negatives without a problem were Caffenol C, coffee, and vitamin C.  At the time he was on the road he did not have a scanner so took digital images of them to show.  They were very intriguing to think they were processed using this mix.

McGorry's photographs are very abstracted and gives a vibe showing what we are seeing through our eyes being at that very spot recording it to show.  They have great contrast that has a good amount of gray values that does not overcome the whites.  The photographs looks as if it was a memory that was captured for a slit second.  The movement in them creates strength and giving a flash back feel to it.  I enjoy images such as these that has motion and quality when it is not complex.

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