Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bruno Olivie by Fabiola B.

Bruno Olivie

For Bruno, alternative experience is a term used to characterize the principles of photographic approach. The return to photo history, and to focus on the photo itself. For him the pinhole camera is the simplest way to produce an image with a simple box and a hole, and of course, paper. For him the process of creating an image is complete different. What inspires him to take a photo with a pinhole is viewing the perception of space and time that reveals a traditional photography. 

 He is not really interested in digital photography. He loves the way that he can get a better picture with a pinhole camera than a digital camera. Like we read, he loves the process in which a pinhole photo needs to be made. His images are very interesting. Some of them do not look like were taking by a pinhole camera.




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