Monday, August 12, 2013

Estrada_Ashely Feagin

·      Narrative photographer Ashley Feagin toddles the idea of suggestive photography while seeks the isolated space between an artist and an observer. She tries to engage the audience as participants in her collaborations. Feagins work can be as a storytelling process in which she portrays through storytelling and how there is always something to explore new concepts for building stories through photography, installations, performances, and collaborations. 

·      Feagin’s installation in 2012, “Shift and Ache,” was created using materials such as wood, fabric, water, and dye. This piece is a depiction of her 2007 diagnoses of having a  “chocolate ovary” A disease that kills ovaries because they are being suffocated by old blood. Her piece is a representation of the tragic and constant emotional and psychological tension that expand from this knowledge. 
Elayne Estrada

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