Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 - Amanda Schweizer submits Mike Woodward

Mike Woodward photographs landscapes, food, and rocks.  It does not sound like much at first, but that is before you see one of his gorgeous images of the interior of cut rock specimens.  The colors and "landscapes" inside rocks can be striking in some, and presented more like abstract paintings in others.  Mike Woodward's work is shown and sold at gem and mineral shows around the country.  He only prints in large scale on canvas, which is an impressive presentation for something that can originally be only a few centimeters across.  These beautiful images are especially interesting to those of us who are into Geology and nature.  It takes a special eye to be able to capture the beauty of a stone in such intimate detail.  Here are a few examples of his work:
Banded Agate 18 back

Banded Agate 18

Biggs Jasper (picture jasper)

Crazy Lace Agate

Labradorite 4

Mookite Set

Ocean Jasper 1

Opal River

Pietersite 2

Pietersite 3

Ammonite 5

(unknown) Colorful

Satan's Jacuzzi  Yowah Opal

Images from Mike Woodward's website:   http://www.mikewoodwardphotography.com/

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