Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2Amanda Santos - Deviant Artist: McKay a.k.a. I Must Be Dead; Photographer

Another deviant artist being featured is
 McKay a.k.a. I Must Be Dead a hobbyist photographer, 
who captures engaging conceptual imagery that tells a story. 
I enjoy his use of light, and the strong contrasts of colors, like you see in his image here to the right, Spirit, which was brought to him by the model in the image. Able to make a statement with a strong simple image, that encapsulates a civil movement that has been going strong for the past 25 years. 

Running on Empty

Another quirky image, is his image to the left titled, Running on Empty, his play on the average athlete always complaining about not having enough nutrients in their bodies before attempting a high intensity activity. I find the image to be a little muddle in colors, other than the red and black, which are popping against the drab colored background. I find it amusing that he actually had a model break out the gas pump and started unloading the gasoline towards its destination. The photographer does consider his models safety, but does not go in to further discussion as to how they attempted without harming the models body. The photo is striking, but maybe lacking that X-factor that would make the image jaw-dropping amazing. Perhaps another angle, another perspective, or venture further into this idea of what an athlete needs to sustain its body's energy. Hmmm...


Lastly, the image above is titled, Connected, which reminds me of this new fascination of scratching dvd,s and playing them back on the tv. You capture the moments that freeze, and you see these digitized pixels frozen on the screen, it is very big at the moment among photographers. I am not a big fan of this particular piece by McKay, because I feel it has everything including the kitchen sink. It's a mesh of everything you can do to a portrait of a model before the model gets lost among the "effects" that make this image.
Overall, I feel McKay as a hobbyist photographer takes good pictures, and has good ideas, and is knowledgeable of Photoshop. Check out more of his imagery, and come up with your own opinion of his work by clicking on the link below: 

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