Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clarissa Gutierrez submits Josh Sommers

I have talked about Josh Sommers in the previous year, discussing about his unique circular panoramic landscape imagery in which digital manipulation and intelligent use of negative space leads to imagery full of sense of depth by the isolated composition created. I forgot about him and I stumble upon with him earlier this semester and felt some self similarities from his works. Today I will focus in his photo manipulations and surrealism adaptation to common and simple references. First of all, we both share our fascination for Dutch artist M.C. Escher and his composition based on math, architectural, human perception, surrealism, and symmetry. Although his previous works seem more like an study of Escher's, these studies has taken him to make breath taking compositions.
Sommers use of negative space varies within his works. In some pieces his negative space is saturated by information and subjects. Some of them are depicted by creating connections wether it is by linear perspective or the use of shadows and textures. One can also find his inspiration of surreal artists such as Magritte and Dali by incorporating the human form and existence into landscape and common spaces.
To see more detailed the transcendence of his career visit  and you can catch his evolution and progress as an artist.
The website Design bloom ( describes Sommers process and techniques:
"Equirectangular projection is a way of displaying a panoramic image 
by mapping its coordinates to equally spaced vertical and horizontal lines; 
effectively, the photograph could be wrapped around a sphere and remain entirely seamless. 

The process requires considerable effort in the photography stage, 
as sommers uses a panoramic tripod head to capture and stitch together a set of images 
composing the entire 360° view. through imaging software, 
he maps the resulting panoramas to the two-dimensional canvas, 
sometimes following up the work with further digital manipulations. "

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