Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lauren Pai Submits Jill GreenBerg

Jill Greenberg is a well-established photographer from Detroit. She has alot of portrait commercial work for big companies such as Microsoft, Pixar, and Coca-Cola. She is one of the first photographers to pioneer a lighting technique that creates an "ethereal" back lighting on the subject.

Her series, End Times, features large scale portraits of toddlers crying and distorting their faces in ways that is emotionally unsettling. Her work with the distressed toddlers was a key controversial subject in 2006. The title of the piece reflects the artist's commentary on the Bush Administration and Christian Fundamentalism.

Her work with lighting is exceptional. She adds more dimensionality to the subject by manipulating the lights. As you can see in some of the crying toddlers' eyes, you can count the artist's extensive use of strobes and lighting. I am humored by her work because of how she has placed a distressed toddler under studio lights and captured them in the most emotionally distraught way as possible. When reflecting on the title of the piece, I immediately thought of the rapture and the Christian notion of how the world will end.

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