Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sheridan O'Neal submits Lee Towndrow

Lee Towndrow was a designer and photographer upon starting his career at a design firm he founded. The firm was well known for album covers made for prominent Canadian bands. He was moved to become a flame artist at TOPIX Computer Graphics, where he created effects for television commercials and music videos. Most of his photography is comprised of portraits or how people interact in different environments. His portraits are done in different ways and places. His series on paper portraits are the most interesting to me. He uses the portraits and then collages different forms made of paper into the image to interact with the people. The forms create more dimension and movement throughout the pieces. His portraits of people in places focus more on the decisive moment of a picture. They are usually groups of people and each is chosen very specifically for that moment and being in the now. He also makes photographs of individuals in intersting environments which create more history or narrative to the work. I think they are very successful images but not as interesting as a body of work. 

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